We Don’t Have Time aims to create a social media platform for the future, focused on the biggest challenge of our times — the climate. Through our platform, millions of members will unite to put pressure on leaders, politicians and corporations to act for the climate.

Who are we?

We Don’t Have Time is a movement and a tech startup that leverages the power of social media to hold leaders and companies accountable for climate change.

The founders and backers of We Don't Have Time are ordinary people with various backgrounds and experiences. Aware, but not experts in this field, our lowest common denominator is that all of us at some point in life “woke up” and started to worry – and learn – about the Earth’s health.

We each took a decision: “I will no longer be passive and just watch. If I don’t do anything, who will do it for me?” That was the seed for We Don't Have Time. And it’s our shared belief, motivation and ambition.

WeDontHaveTime AB (publ.) is a “Good Cause Company”, in which the brand and voting shares will be controlled by The WeDonthaveTime foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to promote knowledge about climate change and its consequences, to reward good initiatives from leaders, companies and organisations, and to manage the WeDontHaveTime brand in accordance with this purpose. 10% of all future profit from WeDontHaveTime AB (publ.) will be shared with the Foundation We Don’t Have Time, based on a licensing agreement for the WeDontHaveTime trademark.

If you want to see change, participate – we do!

The company board of directors; Anette Nordvall (Chairwoman), Ingmar Rentzhog (CEO), David Olsson, Christian Emmertz, Stella Diesen, Gustav Stenbeck. Our advisory board; Andra Farhad, David JP Phillips, Tove Ahlström, Anna Svahn, Kaj Török, Daniela Rogosic, Sweta Chakraborty. The company also has employees and 430 crowd investors from all around the world.

The nonprofit WeDontHaveTime Foundation board of directors: Cathy Orlando, Stuart Scott, Per-Espen Stokenes, Ingmar Rentzhog, David Olsson. The Foundations special youth advisor; Jamie Margolin.

All board members, advisory board members and members of the board of directors of the Foundation including its youth advisors recieve no financial compensation what so ever for themselves or their next of kin. With the exception of Ingmar Rentzhog and David Olsson who work for the company and receive a monthly salary.


Contact us on info@wedonthavetime.org

Investor relations inquiries on ir@wedonthavetime.org


Outcome in new share issue (Swedish)


What others have written about us

  • Business Insider - “a direct link between the members and the decision-makers of our planet.”
  • BBC World - “A great deal of good intent here and there is quite a lot of serious business support”
  • Metro Canada - “Un réseau social pour la planète”
  • Finance Monthly - “a tech start-up aiming to become the world’s largest social media platform for the climate crisis”

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*) WeDontHaveTime AB (publ) is registered in Sweden. The foundation is currently being set up and in the process of being formed.


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